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Welcome to MagicLampwork site! My name is Jul Semenko, and here is my story. I live in Belgium . I have started making jewelry and accessories more than 12 years ago, and since that time I have learned to use a lot of different materials. I like jewelry. I like wearing it and watching it, and also learning what other people are wearing. I like to make people happy with my creations! Now I feel happy, because I can deal with the case, which I like in a real, !!

As a hopeless perfectionist, I treat every order and projet with great care and attention to the detail.. So don’t hesitate to ask me questions and tell me about your creative ideas!

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  1. There is a wave pendant that I’m interested in on your Etsy site. I want to get it for a friend, but she’s allergic to nickle. I’ve read that the alloy in 925 silver can be copper or nickle. Do you know which it is?

    1. Hi! I’m not sure what kind of alloy is in the silver, as I don’t make these chains myself. Choose a steel chain, almost no one is allergic to steel. Kind regard Julia

  2. Hello, do you offer the Sea Glass Heart necklace in gold?

    1. Hello! Sorry, non.

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