Lampwork sea glass teal green necklace


Lampwork sea glass teal green necklace Wave necklace Ocean necklace Beach necklace jewelry Beach wedding jewelry Christmas Gift


Gorgeous handmade glass lampwork teal green necklace. This bead has a wave swirl design that is truly unique and beautiful. Teal green and cream color can be seen in this glass lampwork bead. The pendant measures 25 mm (0.9 inches) and the design is on both sides.
A beautiful reminder of the beach and ocean and your vacancies!

All my beads are lovingly handcrafted by heating glass rods in a flame, all of my lampwork glass beads are properly annealed in my kiln for strength and stress reduction. The glass used in this is the same as that used to make glass beads in Italy (Murano).

Additional information

Chain material

only pendant, metal chain, steel chain, silver 925 platé chain, silver sterling925

Chain length

0inches/0 cm, 18 inches/45 cm, 20 inches/50 cm, 22 inches/55 cm