Copper electroformed aquarium lampwork glass necklace


Aquarium lampwork glass copper necklace, jellyfish ocean coral reef life pendant, nature marine jewelry



This is sea aquarium lampwork glass electroformed copper pendant with handmade glass bead inside which there are jellyfish, bubbles, polyps, small piece of the blue sea in your hand. Pendant made by hand, unique.

The pendant is 35 x 40 mm Electroforming is the process of transferring a copper form (vs a thin copper plate) onto an object. The multi-step process for this particular pendant took approximately 20 -36 hours.

All of my items are handmade I make all of my beads using the finest quality Italian, American and German glass ans silver sterl . Every bead I make is properly kiln annealed for strength and durability. After they have been annealed, they are thoroughly cleaned and closely inspected.

Additional information

Chain length

0inches/0 cm, 18 inches/45 cm, 20 inches/50 cm, 22 inches/55 cm


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