4+ pcs Red glass mini heart


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Red mini heart handmade lampwork glass beads

Measurements bead about 14 x 15 mm
hole size -about 1.6-2 mm

Red mini heart handmade lampwork glass beads is made ​​by me by hand in the flame in my workshop. These beads can be great earrings or you can use them in other creative projects

All my beads are lovingly hand crafted by heating glass rods in a flame, all of my lampwork glass beads are properly annealed in my kiln for strength and stress reduction. The glass used in this is the same as that used to make glass beads in Italy (Murano).

These beads you can use them in your creative projects.

If you need hearts of other colors, please contact me!

Additional information

Chain material

only pendant, steel chain, silver 925 platé chain

Chain length

0inches/0 cm, 18 inches/45 cm, 20 inches/50 cm, 22 inches/55 cm

Number of beads

2 beads, 4 beads, 6 beads, 8 beads, 10 beads


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